Client Work

I Only Have Pies For You Logo

This is my latest design for a client which I finished at
the beginning of November. This was a challenging experience because it was my
first freelance job in which I was not hired under a contract.

This logo was for a client whom I had made contact with through a school connection
(Thanks Patrick). She was starting her own local bakery and was looking
for someone to help with her identity.


Alberta Security College

During the fall of 2010, I was contracted by the Canadian Corps. Of Commissionaires Calgary to provide them
with multiple marketing materials for their new upcoming security college. I was involved in the overall theme
and design of the ads. The theme we chose was one of a child super hero.

In choosing this theme we felt it represents the inner hero that one has when they think of a career in either
Law enforcement or the Security industry. The photographs are all stock and the logo was placed using Photoshop


One of the main projects I had over this summer was to develop a series of websites
for the Canadian Corps. Of Commissionaires- Southern Alberta and for the
Alberta Security College- a division of the Commissionaires.

My main goal in designing these websites was to keep the information simple, easy
to navigate and clean to look at. The colours used for the first site are mainly from
the company style guide. The second site I had a little more freedom since the
company was new and had not yet developed a style guide.

The List of the Websites

– Simple design for the simple website. The site is providing information on  hotels in Oakville, Ontario. There you will be able to find reviews on the best hotels in area. – A blog site for a company that focuses on animal welfare. The goal here was to be able to collect and present resources in a simple and effective manner. Home page design features all the articles. The animal blog page features relevant information, a picture tags about animals and more. – An extension of the natural animal brand featuring animals about urban squirrels and their habbits. The site has the same idea. Featuring articles about squirrels in a neat manner. Again here is an example of a blog page with photos.


For this assignment we were given three themes to design three covers for the
design magazine Print.
The themes were as follows:

Typography as Image, Contrast,
and Design History

his was probably one of my most favorite projects. It was titled “Why I Love the Zoo”.

We were given the task of picking a specific place in Calgary and had to depict why we loved that place within three different postcards.

The reason I liked this project so much is that it included two of my favorite things- animal photography, and of course design.